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Hi Hello Welcome ♥️ I’m an overly excited curly girl who spends the majority of her time behind a screen typing only to emerge from her hole in order to climb a stool and wade through fields with people in love. They typically make out while I hold up a big black box screaming, “YASSSS DO IT AGAIN!!”

When you put it like that my job is pretty freaking weird, right? It's an absolute dream!! It is unbelievably rewarding to be able to capture such a unique and romantic time in your life. I love every moment of it!! I cannot wait to talk to you about your life and all its special moments.

I’m married to a down-home country boy. We bought our first house four years ago; it’s a quaint country cottage in need of lots of love on two acres. I have a huge garden and I love to can the produce; he’s turning me into a mini-farmer. Our only child is a rescue puppy named Zeke. He is a boxer-pit mix which makes him quite the handful but his old soul makes it all worth it.

Ashley Price

The core of my business, my photography, and my art is that I will build a legacy worth something more than just pretty images. That stories of love, faith, beauty, and adventure would be brought to life in candid, vulnerable, and telling imagery. Imagery that brings people back to the heart of their love story. I know my calling is in helping share stories that make people feel something. Stories that connect our hearts and remind us of our why.

My goal is to provide photos that will be so much more than just images on a screen. That to my couples, these will be living documents of their vibrant, beautiful, raw legacy. That is always always always my heart behind what I do!!


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